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Heartland and BRM present All Night Raga

Heartland and Brooklyn Raga Massive partner again to bring you a concert like no other.

Saturday, June 25, 2016  |  6PM-Sunrise

Ragas on the hour, every hour, played by masters till dawn.  

Raga at Heartland is a unique event.  The experience is as much about the music and the musicians as it is about listening in an expansive field, a backdrop of setting sun, moon rising, and meadows lit with fireflies.  The quiet, private land allows listeners to lay back and truly immerse.  There is the sensation of being transported and becoming one with the surroundings as the ragas color the mood of the night.  

Some of our favorite classical Indian musicians will perform from 7PM till sunrise, at Heartland Farm in the Hudson Valley.  Come for the entire event or stay for part of the evening.  Either way, you'll want to be here.

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